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Birla Museum Pilani

Pilani December 11, 2012

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In the early fifties, a need was felt by the house of Birlas- India ‘s leading industrialists – to establish a technological museum which would highlight the progress of science & technology in today’s world and at the same time depict the rapid growth of industrial activity in India . At that time, although a good number of museums of History, Art and Archaeology existed in India , none was there dealing with science or technology.

The establishment of the Birla Museum in the year 1954 at Pilani – a university town in Rajasthan known for technical education and situated about 200 km west of Delhi-marked the birth of the first museum of industry & technology in the country. It was then, as it is now, the only technological museum situated in a university campus in India . This museum provided a great deal of impetus and inspiration to establish a number of other technological museums elsewhere in India .

Today the country can boast of having over a dozen museums of science & technology. However, the Birla museum at Pilani is the only technological museum in India which is privately sponsored, others being Government establishments.

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